If elections were determined by yard signs and advertising, any Burbank resident would assume republicans like Paul Herman, Michael Gogin and Eric Early would likely have been crowned victors in their respective political races. However, Tuesday night’s results show a very, very different picture.

Burbank City Council 2020 election results
Burbank City Council 2020 Election Results

Bernie-eqsue progressive Konstantine Anthony mopped the floor with a massive victory over all the competition. As arguably the furthest left-leaning candidate, his dominance is a far cry from the loudest conservative candidates.

Two seats for the council were open and the second went to Nick Schultz by a smaller, but still comfortable margin. Nick, like Konstantine…

It’s that time of the year — Halloween decorations adorn suburban porches, autumn leaves begin turning shades of amber, and illegally placed political yard signs litter the streets and sidewalks of Burbank.

Political signs collected from Burbank public property

What is striking, however, is how brazen candidates are about breaking the law, skirting signage regulations that limit signs to private property. In Burbank, certain candidates blast local citizens with hundreds, if not thousands of wasted pieces of cardboard and metal, illegally placed on public property. As election day nears, the number of signs has surged in the past few weeks.

A quick phone call to the city…

Monica Alberdi

Southern California mother, daughter, sister and concerned citizen

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